Host Your Own Web Site from Home…You don’t have to be a geek!

Learn how to host your website from your own computer in under one hour…
And bring more customers and traffic to your own web site. Seriously, big companies usually hire smart people to build their web sites and it was so hard to do it on your own. You almost need a college degree. NOT ANYMORE!
Whether you are a geek or not! You can build you own web site and see great results quick.


Let me guess:
  • You’ve been searching for tutorials on how to host your website from home, and if you’re a little more knowledgeable about the subject, you’ve been specifically looking for info on how to set up a web server and domain name.
  • You may have been in a bunch of discussion boards, asking around about this information.
  • Some people tried to discourage you by telling you that hosting your site yourself is not worth it. Some gave you some useful information, but you are still missing a whole bunch.
  • You may have clicked on dozens of result links in the search engines and none of the sites gave you all the information you needed. They contained only pieces of information that aren’t useful to you unless you have the other pieces.
Am I close, at least? If I am, how do I know all this information about you? I know because I have met many people online and in discussion boards with the same problem.
SLet me cut to the chase: Setting up a web server is very easy although it might sound scary. I will show you how to do this and all the other steps required to host your website from home.



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